In case you are interested in reading my master thesis, ‘A Better Understanding of Things’, feel free to contact me at to receive a PDF copy.


A Better Understanding of ThingsA Better Understanding of Things, spread

An Introduction to A Better Understanding of Things

The initial idea for the catalogue text was to use snippets of my thesis to provide you with a guiding text. Due to the intertwined nature of the thesis, this idea is sadly not a possibility. It stands on its own.
The thesis, in which a lot of smaller texts accumulate to one coherent bigger thing, got its title throughout the process of writing; A Better Understanding of Things.
This can or may sound like a bit of a blunt claim, but you will notice by reading it that we deal more with an understanding of things through observations rather than claims. I would describe the central observation as the relationship between the invisible and the thing. Whilst reading it you will see that a thing can serve as an opening to the invisible and paradoxically, the invisible relies on a structure.

“Susan Sontag has put the matter well in explaining her choice of style in ‘Notes on Camp’: ‘To snare a sensibility in words, especially one that is alive and powerful, one must be tentative and nimble. The form of jottings, rather than an essay (with its claim to a linear, consecutive argument), seemed more appropriate for getting down something of this particular fugitive sensibility.’” (Harper, Thomas J. 69)

Through the writing by Susan Sontag, Thomas J. Harper tries to give insight of the tentative nature of Tanizaki’s statements. As I am not able to provide you with excerpts of A Better Understanding of Things I want to give you this mental image as a suggestion for a way on how you may approach my work.

Huub Vlemmings, 11-06-2014

Harper, Thomas J. “Afterword”. In Praise of Shadows. Junichiro Tanizaki. London: Vintage 2001. 65-73. Print.


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