Huub Vlemmings

1987, the Netherlands





2012-2014        Frank Mohr Instituut Groningen, Master of Fine Arts, Painting

2007-2010        AVK|St.Joost Breda, Bachelor of Arts



Exhibitions (selection)


                          Solo and duo-exihibitions
2015                 ‘Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair’, Jedithja de Groot, Cruise Terminal, Rotterdam
with Paul Bogaers

2014                 ‘Sprouts #3’, CBK KNSM, Amsterdam, with Jef Stapel

2012                 ‘Steady Diet of Nothing’, Diderot13d, Amsterdam

2011                 ‘Huub Vlemmings’, Bookstore, Amsterdam


                          Group Shows
2016                 ‘Let it Blossom’, Rento Brattinga galerie, Amsterdam

2015                 ‘The Affair Of Painting’, Frank Mohr Instituut, Groningen

2014                 ‘Unfolded’, NP3, Groningen

2014                 ‘Gestures Of Objects’, Kers Gallery, Amsterdam

   with Paul Geelen, Anita Hrnic, Folke Janssen and Bernd Metz

2013                 ‘Painting After Painting’, Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt (DE)

   with Martin Hoener, Florian Schmidt and Herbert Warmuth

2013                 ‘Goodmorning Goodmorning’, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg

2013                 ‘Connecting the Dots’, Marmara University, Istanbul (TR)

2013                 ‘What’s the Matter?’, Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen

2013                 ‘Temporarily Defined’, Stedelijk Museum Assen Hedendaagse Kunst, Assen

2012                 ‘Blamier Mich Nicht, Mein Schönes Kind’ Freies Museum Projectraum, Berlin (DE)

2012                 ‘Made Rhythm’, Kers Gallery, Amsterdam

   with Thomas Rameckers and Lieven Hendriks

2011                 ‘Album2011’, Museumnacht Delft

   with Folke Janssen, Anita Hrnic and Amber Brandsma

2010                 ‘Isn’t it Just as it Sometimes Goes?’, Pictura, Dordrecht

2010                 ‘Eindexamenexpositie’, AVK|St.Joost, Breda